Art of Freedom

waiting for it to end…

Biesbosch Museum Island

Art of Freedom


Museum of Liberated Wings

Art of Freedom

Panorama Ysselsteyn

German War Cemetery Ysselsteyn

Art of Freedom

Crossing Time

National Monument Camp Vught

Art of Freedom

In 2019-2020, the Art of Freedom was developed and built for the celebration of 75 years of freedom. Due to the coronavirus, these projects have not been presented to the public. We are looking for plenty of opportunities to revive these projects in the near future and to be able to share the stories behind them with as many people as possible. As soon as more information about this is available you will find it here.


Actor Tim Haars took a road trip past the seven impressive locations of The Art of Freedom and spoke with the artists about their work and what war and freedom means to them. The road movie is a 7-part series in which Tim takes you on a journey of discovery through Brabant past WWII war heritage sites to celebrate and commemorate the end of the war. Be touched by the video about the temporary art installations at key WWII heritage sites.

Short 2019 road movie about the Art of Freedom.