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Brabant: Bridge to Freedom

On the way to 80 years of freedom in Brabant

We aim to connect, even if it is not immediately evident.


Whereas the program Brabant Remembers with 75 years of freedom focused on depicting the stories, Brabant Herinnert now in 2024-2025 with 80 years of freedom puts more emphasis on the connection. We seek connection even where it may not be immediately apparent. That’s where we try to build bridges. And with this project, we are literally doing just that. We let the bridges in Brabant, which lost their connective power during World War II because they were blown up or otherwise inaccessible, be a stage.

Joining Brabant: Bridge to Freedom

Organize your own project!

Ideally, we highlight all the bridges that were part of a military operation during the liberation of North Brabant, from Operation Market Garden to the Battle of the Scheldt. We build bridges between generations, events and time. We find the bridge builders of villages and towns, we interrogate the master builder, we appoint a bridge master, we give the bridge keeper a stage. This gives each bridge a story that connects, makes visible and captures the imagination. About World War II or about a war today. Do you have an individual project that ties in with Brabant: Bridge to Freedom? If so, please contact us at: info@brabantherinnert.nl. Then we can also include your project in our program!

Are you curious which bridges are near you and the military historical background that goes with them? Then download the excel document using the button to the right.

Brabant Remembers created the program line “Brabant: Bridge to Freedom” in part to mark the bridges that played an important role in World War II. On the map of Brabant Remembers you can see all the bridges in Brabant that were part of this war.

The map gives you a unique way to discover and learn more about the history of these bridges during World War II. It is a tribute to those who fought for our freedom and a reminder of the horrors of war.

Book – Brabant: Bridge to Freedom

World War II dramatically changed lives forever. In this book we tell these special, inspiring stories: big or small, about mobilization, resistance, collaboration or liberation. Stories centered on a life-changing event, turning point or dilemma.

More than seventy-five personal stories, at least one story for each Brabant municipality. Together they give a good picture of the impact of World War II on society. In addition, the stories are enriched with various essays and historical frameworks that interpret the time frame and particular events.

The multitude of stories gives an insight into the difficult decisions made and how events claimed random victims. It also shows that personal choices at the individual level can make a world of difference. That regardless of sociocultural background, religion or belief in life, people are able to choose what seems best to them at that moment. Or what is within their capabilities. Often without considering the consequence(s) of their decision. Sometimes resulting in heroic or just cowardly actions. It shows that black-and-white thinking about World War II is outdated. That, in the diversity of these stories, the people involved and their experiences, we can think precisely in a diversity of color.

Unfortunately the book is only available in Dutch. It is available for €19,44 excluding shipping costs. shipping costs. Order the book via the form below.

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The book is also available at NM Kamp Vught, Oorlogsmuseum Overloon, Maczek Memorial Breda, Erfgoed Brabant, Biesbosch Museumeiland and Museum Klok & Peel. Want a book delivered to your home? Then fill out the form or send an email to info@brabantherinnert.nl